Frequent Questions

Please, before contacting Customer Support carefully read this section.

Account Questions

Click on the following signup button, fill the registration form shown to you and create a new account.

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We take all security measures to protect your account and keep it safe from third parties intrusion.

Yes. you are allowed to create more than one account. However for further clarifications or for special situations please contact our Customer Support.

Enter your account and change your e-mail address and password in Account Settings section.

Go to Password Reminder or Lost Password section in the login popup, enter your registration e-mail address and follow the instructions.

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Investment Questions

To make investments you should register or create an account with us and then you can make your deposit. All the investments are made in your personal account dashboard after login.

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We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Perfect Money. We are working on adding more payment systems over time.

Perfect Money deposits are credited to your account instantly. Cryptocurrency deposits are added within minutes to hours due to confirmations over the network, deposit must have a minimum of 3 Blockchain confirmations before they are verified and added to your account.

Your interest is calculated every day in relation to your choosen investment plan.

Yes, you can. Just login to your account and click on New Deposit. You should select the payment with Balance suffix from the payment drop down menu. Please note this is allowed only once to avoid fund recycling, we urge our investors to always process their deposits externally so a fresh investment cycle can be documented.

Yes, but note that all the transactions are handled separately.

You can check your balance in your personal account dashboard ar any time.

Our team of investment experts manage all the funds, however for large investment accounts, selected account managers are specifically detailed to handle.

Withdrawal Questions

Withdrawal requests up to $500,000.00 are processed from almost immediately to within 10 hours. This is to enable us complete physical documentation on account withdrawal transactions. Other larger transactions are approved and paid within 12 hours.

No, there is no minimum amount for withdrawal although we advise investors to refrain from processing minute withdrawal sums to prevent uneccessarily bulkly account records.

You can apply for a withdrawal of your funds in your personal account dashboard in the Withdraw Section.

Partnership program questions

Yes, we do. You earn 10% partnership commission with regards to your referrals initial investment deposit amount. Also recognized partners earn 20% partnership commission as well as other exclusive benefits.

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No, you are not obligated to make a deposit to earn with our partnership program. However, recognized partners are required to be actively invested in the company